Township of Farmington - .
Town of Farmington has four Cemeteries.
Barton Cemetery is located next to our Old Town Hall at N3095 County Road Q.  We aquired this Cemetery September 14, 1965 from Barton Cemetery Association.
Salem Cemetery is located at the corner of Larson Rd and Oakland Dr.  We acquired Salem Cemetery April 3, 1962 from Salem Cemetery Association.
Sheridan Cemetery is located on Rieben Rd.  We acquired Sheridan Cemetery March 31, 2003 from Sheridan Cemetery Association.
Falzbot-Velie Cemetery is located on Cobbtown Rd.  Town of Farmington took sole possession of this old abandoned Cemetery January 17, 1975.
Contact Town of Farmington @ 715-258-2779
Each grave costs $300.00 which includes perpetual care.
Rules & Regulations available upon request.
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